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Ulus aus Alaska
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hier klicken - 1911-2011 Combat Survivor Commemorative Bowie
1911-2011 Combat Survivor Commemorative Bowie
1911-2011 Combat Survivor Commemorative Bowie
Mark Knapp Custom Knives has some exciting news!

Our Patent has been approved and the 1911 Combat Survivor Knife is going into full production.

The price is $750.00 + $20.00 for shipping and insurance within the domestic U.S. Please call or email for orders outside the U.S.

We accept VS/MC/Check/M.O. and PayPal. Our PayPal email address is

The 1911 Combat Survivor package includes the following:
  • 1911 Combat Knife

  • Combat Master Sheath from SPEC-OPS

  • Extra 1911 mag.

  • Survivor clip: door of the compartment is a diamond hone for sharpening, a Leatherman Micro, magnesium and flint fire starter, needle for sewing, a length of synthetic sinew for snares, fishing, sewing, a bow string etc. and fish hooks. It has capacity for a .45 round and a flashlight is attached to the lanyard

  • Certificate of Authenticity
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email or call us at 1-907-452-7477.

Check out our field tests in the new 1911 Combat Survivor blog here.

The following magazines all have the 1911 knife info listed.
* Tactical Knife Jan. 2012 Pg. 16
* Knives Illustrated Nov. 2011 Pg. 56
* Blade Magazine Dec. 2011 Pg. 75
Handgefertigte Messer
Handgefertigte MesserExamples of custom knives I can make for you, or I can build one exactly how you want it.
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Ulus aus Alaska
Ulus aus AlaskaThese ulus, individually handmade by owner Mark Knapp, are both practical and beautiful. Choose from a variety of handles made from laminated sheep horn, musk ox horn, moose antler, fossil ivory or exotic wood, each distinctly different and each with a matching stand. The blade of the ulu is cut from a circular saw blade, polished, sharpened and ready to use or put on display.
These are samples of ulus we can build for you, or you may buy one of those listed.
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Materialien für Messerbauer
Materialien für MesserbauerMark Knapp Custom Knives carries a variety of materials ideal for the custom knife maker and carver. Choose from a selection of sheep, antelope and musk ox horns, available in scales or the whole horn. We also stock deer, moose and caribou antlers in points and parts or the whole antler. We carry fossil ivory and exotic hardwoods too.
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BandsägenblätterWe can manufacture any size band-saw blade to order, from one-eighth inch to one-and-a-half inches for wood, metal and butcher applications. Common blade sizes are in stock and any size can be made and shipped within 24 hours.
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