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Mark Knapp Custom Knives
1971 Fox Ave
Fairbanks Alaska 99701-2701
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Mammoth ivory knife scalesMammoth ivory knife scales

A word about Fossil Mammoth Ivory Bark

Fossil mammoth ivory is 20,000 to 50,000 years old. The bark gets its color from the minerals in the ground where it lay buried. None of these knife scales have been artificially colored in any way. Although most of these scales have no fill it is not uncommon and quite acceptable to have some small cracks or hollow spots that require some filling. These scales have been filled where needed and sanded flat on the back and the four sides. It is the texture and color found next to the most rotten ivory that makes the most attractive scales. If you would like scales that have had no fill please let us know when you order and we will provide them though it may limit your choice of scales. Many times we can get several sets of scales from the same section of tusk so we will have scales available with the same color and pattern for matched sets of knives. The sizes will vary a little. When we have sets with the same color and pattern it will be designated with +2 or +3 between the price and the order number.

Knife scales are priced according to color, size, and amount of fill required. Scales with a little fill will be a little less expensive than completely solid scales and with very little exception will not be visible on the finished knife. If not completely satisfied when you receive your scales please return them in original condition for your purchase price.

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