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About the Maker

markknappMark Knapp, a tool and die maker with 38 years experience, along with his wife, Angel, own and operate Mark Knapp Custom Knives located at Edge of the Arctic Trading Post ~ Custom Knives and Art Gallery in Fairbanks, Alaska. The shop is a full service machine shop, custom tool making and knife sharpening shop. Mark’s background as a tool and die maker and several semesters enrolled in the University of Alaska’s Fine Arts Program provide Mark with the working knowledge to produce knives of superior quality and exceptional beauty.

Having worked seasonally as a big game guide, professional trapper and commercial fisherman for over half of his adult life, Mark is fortunate to have acquired an insight into the form and function of knives from working field knives to true works of art.

At Edge of the Arctic Trading Post, you will not only find Mark’s handmade creations, but you can also choose from carvings and artwork by gifted craftsmen and women from around the state and choose from our selection of quality ulus made right in the store.

For the custom knife maker and carver, we have hundreds of natural materials, horns, antler, fossil ivory, mammoth teeth, exotic hardwoods and minerals from around the world.

It is our hope that you will come and visit with us and see some things that many visitors to Alaska will not experience.

Mark’s knives have been featured in numerous magazines.

Blade Magazine Sept 2018One of Mark's knives is pictured on page 36 of the May 2013 issue of Blade magazine!blademag201005
blademag201505blademag200906blademag200808blademagknife magazine May 2018

Knives Illustrated March 2019gunmagword-of-art-knivesamerican-survival-guide

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