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Ivory and Bone Carvings


We take the following forms of payment; Paypal, Check, Money Order, American Express, Visa or Master Card. If you like, feel free to call in your credit card payment at 1-(907)-452-7477. We are located in Fairbanks, Alaska and we are four hours earlier than eastern time. We use USPS Priority flat rate for shipping.

If you live outside the United States, please contact us directly, via phone or email, so we can discuss shipping/insurance charge. We do not declare lower values on customs forms. Happiness is guaranteed, if you find you can’t use it when you get it in your hands, return it for your purchase price back, please do so within seven days.

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Art Pieces

Narwhal Carving

Made of walrus & mammoth ivory, baleen & black whip coral.


Wolverine Carving

Made from fossil walrus & mammoth ivory, baleen, wolverine, wolf, and seal fur.


Arctic Fox and Ptarmigan Carving

Made from walrus ivory, baleen, black whip coral, polar bear fur, seal fur, and mammoth ivory.


Snowy Owl Carving

Made from walrus & mammoth ivory and baleen.


Beaver and Dam Carving

Made from fossil walrus & mammoth ivory, baleen, beaver fur, seal fur, and black whip coral.


Scrimshaw Wolf

Carved on mammoth ivory.


Scrimshaw Fox

Carved on mammoth ivory.


Scrimshaw Bear

Carved on mammoth ivory.